The Truth Behind All of These Batman Casting Rumors.

You may remember my mentioning a casting call I went to last week. Well, it wasn’t for a western.

Ben Affleck was asked to help in a viral marketing campaign designed to distract from the director’s decision to cast me, a relative unknown, in the Dark Knight role.

The “Boy Wonder” is being re-imagined as Frank Miller’s Carrie Kelly, the first female version of the character. Christina Hendrix has been cast in this part.

Justin Beiber IS involved, but his own wishful thinking got the best of him and he started a rumor that HE was the next Robin. The reality of the situation is that he will be portraying the big screen’s first version of Harleyquinn, an accomplice of the Joker from Batman the Animated Series.

Notably, Wolverine makes an appearance in this film, making it the first big screen Marvel/DC crossover. He is being played by rocker Glenn Danzig.

LG Smart Scan LSM-100. I’ve come full circle.

I recently posted about an old piece of art, something that was one of the first things I ever scanned. The scanner I used was a squeegee-shaped, hand-held black and white scanner. I think its width was 5 inches?

I’m not sure where I got the scanner, but the 386 PC I was trying to use it with wasn’t quite up to the task. It tried. Basically I had to move the scanner very slowly in one direction. BUT, no matter how slowly I went, if the image I was scanning had a lot of detail, it would end up distorted (smooshed or stretched) in the digital scan.

Soon thereafter I upgraded, and didn’t think about that scanner again for a long time.

Today, I received my LG Smart Scan LSM-100 scanner mouse. It’s a mouse. and it’s also a scanner!

Interestingly, when I installed it on my 5-year-old laptop, I had to click a button stating I understood that the machine’s onboard Intel video chip was a piece of crap and that I shouldn’t be butthurt if the performance wasn’t up to standard bleagh bleagh bleagh.

Once installed, it seemed to behave the same way it behaved in the official demos, if maybe with a tiny bit of lag.

When I installed it on my much older desktop, everything ‘passed’, and I got no such warning. BUT – the performance sucks. I won’t be able to scan anything very large. Still, I wasn’t expecting it to work at all on my desktop.

I must admit, the first thing I thought of doing was scanning the monitor, but I opted not to, for fear of creating some kind of self-aware/singularity and being killed by sexy robots from the future. Like Summer Glau.

And once I started messing with it, I was immediately reminded of that old hand-scanner. This thing is quite an advancement though. It has a means of stabilizing the scan based on the image itself – meaning it doesn’t matter which way you drag it – it’s constantly ‘rescanning’ at least a tiny bit of something it saw already, and uses that data to align the new input.

So I’m sharing a few images here:



The LG LSM Smart Scan


The same image as above, scanned today from the original.


I wasn’t in the happiest place in ’96 or so. The following are some sketches by Chris Cilla from that era.





Ric Evarian – 1970-2013

Before I met Ric, sometime around 1990, I knew him as “that guy from Sierra Vista with the elbows and knees.” I must say, the SV punkers that were showing up were a cool bunch. Coming from that military town, they showed an appreciation for the Tucson scene that was infectious to anyone who might be starting to take it for granted. And those elbows and knees – as exuberant as they were – never ended up giving anyone too many black eyes…

Ric seemed to take care to keep it that way.

And the next thing you know, those kids were BRINGIN’ IT! The guy from SV w/ the elbows and knees had a freaking BAD ASS band. American Deathtip, Malignous Youth and Hellday were representing COCHISE COUNTY in a way that would make that old Apache proud. These were good times for Tucson Hardcore. The artistic dedication to these band’s unique sounds and overall approach to music raised the bar for locals like FUCT and BLOODSPASM and the scene flourished throughout the 90s …mostly because of the sheer talent involved.

I had the pleasure of sharing a duplex with Ric around 1993. Little one bedroom places, like having a cool roommate, but completely self-contained too. We put an organized effort into making sure the house next door remained vacant – cranking up my guitar and singing the most horrible, GG Allin type of vile lyrics at the top of our lungs whenever it was being shown. Realtor’s nightmare. It worked for a long time.

I drew this picture in April of 1993. Planning on using it for a flyer at some point, not thinking it would be for this. I recently went through about 25 years worth of sketchbooks and loose artwork looking for it. An emotional experience in itself. I like seeing most of my old drawings, but some of them stab me like a knife.

I did find it though. So here’s to you my brother. My life was better for having you in it, and won’t be the same without. That is for sure.


Eric York (Deathtrip’s bassist, moved into Ric’s side when Ric moved out) and I were buddies too, and comic geeks together. This is one of my favorite Deathtrip tracks, penned by York – Errata Stigmata, based on a character created by Gilbert Hernandez in Love And Rockets.

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If you have access to printing and can make high-res 11X17 prints, please download the master file: …it contains a high-res master. PLEASE DO NOT PRINT THE JPG attached to this post, other than for personal use. THE HIGH-RES ORIGINAL IS HERE FOR FREE – Please use it!

Hottest Fembot Poll 2013

When I first started this site and joined Twitter, I used a WordPress plugin to create a similar poll. This one is created with Polldaddy, so you can embed it and share it anywhere. This time around there are 23 entries, and a means of ‘writing-in’ your own.

Anyway I thought this would be a good way to introduce my new domain name, and give people an incentive to drop by.

To vote, click the circle by your choice, then scroll down to click ‘vote’.

Happy voting! is now

When I decided to purchase ‘’, I didn’t foresee the inevitable confusion it might cause. A lot of my associates just thought it was a typo, that I left the ‘m’ off of the end. That or force of habit caused them to add it themselves. This sent material to another designer with the same moniker who happens to own that domain. If he has a catch-all email address set up, he has read many messages intended for me.

So I’m going to let expire. In the mean time I’ll be making it forward here, and the e-mails associated with the domain will still work. When it expires, this one will replace it entirely.

New Look for

I haven’t been doing much with WordPress lately, but I have been broadening my knowledge of HTML, PHP & CSS. I recently created a theme for Tumblr in an attempt to extend my ‘brand’ into that site’s model which ended up becoming a project of its own. I decided others might get some use out of it so I made it publicly available.

One of the most recent developments there is the embedding of fonts, so I added a few lines to my theme here to do the same thing.

This is the ’2084′ font I created to mimic the 8-bit font used by Williams Electronics for many games in the early 80s like Joust, Defender and Robotron 2084. Tiny fonts like these tend to drive people crazy so I use them sparingly in my themes, but I just can’t resist them.

This font is called “Unmasked” and it’s from BLAMBOT.COM. I love comics and have always wanted to include comic fonts here. I was recently using a plugin-that enabled the use of Google font embedding and I was using “Bangers”, but it was just too chunky. Unmasked is more versatile.

Nashville Pussy, Texas Trash and the Trainwrecks and Sugar Stains